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RAF Seat Pack Type Parachute Harness.

1950s R.A.F parachute harness by GQ type Single point, quick release with seat pack. The harness has clear label - G.Q Harness. Type C. Mk 2 and dated October 1953. The round quick release is in working order the harness webbing is complete with some age staining.
The parachute pack has two labels - Parachute assembly seat type Mk2 and second label G.Q pack type type S Mk2. The pack is dated 1953 has no bungees fitted and no canopy, is currently packed with material for display purpose.
Although the harness is 1950s dated it is exactly the same as the wartime pattern and makes excellent value compared to a much more expensive wartime example and displays superbly.

Code: 50808


Medal and Document Grouping to Husband and Wife, RAF & BRCS.

Medals and document group to F/Sgt V.J Sayer and his wife who was a member of the British Red Cross, the medals are mounted as worn - F/Sgt Sayer 39/45 Star, Italy Star, Defence and War medal and MID - 502450 VAD Sayers Defence and War Medal. F/Sgt Sayers served as Flight Engineer with 614 Squadron RAF on Halifax 1944 / 45 in Italy and with Transport Command 1946.
The documents include -
His Flight Engineers log cover with a small number of completed transport flight engineers log forms.
No 614 Squadron operational crew list 7/5/1945.
Meteorological flight forecast folder.
His 1941/42 Air Training Corps Certificate of Service and membership card.
Plus a number of official RAF document, and assorted papers and telegrams.
A good interesting RAF group which is a good research project.

Code: 50807


WW2 British Army MkII Steel Helmet.

WW2 British Army MkII Steel Helmet in sand colour finish. The helmet is in good used condition with some rusting to the overall finish, the helmet is dated 1939 and has makers stamp JSS (Joseph Sankey & Sons Ltd) the liner dated 1939 with maker JCS&W Ltd (J. Compton Sons & Webb Ltd) . Chin strap is in good condition.

Code: 50806

65.00 GBP

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4- SJAB (St Johns Ambulance Brigade) Shoulder Titles.

A good matched pair of St Johns Ambulance Brigade 4.SJAB white metal shoulder titles in good used condition.

Code: 50805

10.00 GBP

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Royal Flying Corps - Swagger Stick.

World War One "Royal Flying Corps" swagger stick. Overall length of approx 68 cm the cane stick has slightly distorted with some service wear to tip (metal cap missing) the silver coloured metal top is in uncleaned condition with RFC wings crest.

Code: 50804

45.00 GBP

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R.A.A.F Propeller Trinket Box.

Unusual trinket box made from a cross section of a wood propeller blade with small brass / enamel Royal Australian Air Force wings to lid and on the one side inscribed with small brass pins - "Betty 1941" . This hand made sweetheart box is of good quality and finish, measures approx 29 x 7 x 9 cm.

Code: 50803


WW1 Victory Peace Mug.

World War One Commemorative Victory Peace Mug in overall good used condition with no chips or cracks, some loss of finish to rim otherwise retains good bright colour.

Code: 50802

20.00 GBP

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Luftschutz Bunker Candles - 1943.

1943 dated German civil defence bunker candles - "Deutsche Luftschutz Bunkerkerzen". Unopened box of eight candles for use in air raid shelters in very good condition.

Code: 50801

35.00 GBP

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British Army Officer's Boots - 1944

A scarce pair of wartime British Army officer's calf - high boots, clearly marked and dated "Upsons 1944 Dolcian" with broad arrow stamp and size 8 stamped on sole.
The boots are in excellent used condition with some service wear to the original soles, the leather remains supple and buckles are in good working order.

Code: 50800

98.00 GBP

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WW1 Victory Medal - Gloucester Regiment - MM Winner.

World War One Victory medal to 24102 Pte A.G Cowl 14th Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment, Cowl was awarded the Military Medal in 1918 and was wounded while fighting in France. The medal is in good used condition and retains its original ribbon.
The medal comes with photo copies of his service record, medal entitlement etc.

Code: 50799

65.00 GBP

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