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Update Information. 12th September 2021

Due to a change in our business commitments going forward updates will no longer be our normal large monthly updates. For the time being we will carryout smaller updates on a more regular random basis.
It you would like advance notice of these please send a email to waryears19@btinternet.com
Thanks for interest in our shop
David & Sue.

Code: 51044


Wartime Recruitment Leaflet -

Wartime Recruitment Leaflet - "Engineering Training For Women"

Scarce recruitment leaflet issued 1941 by the Ministry of Labour and National Service - "Engineering Training For Women" Four page leaflet in good condition has been folded giving details of the need for women to be trained to work in factories, information on the type of training, age limits, qualifications, pay and how to enrol.

Code: 51043

28.00 GBP

"The Dover Patrol" Board Game 1940s.

1940s Board Game - "The Dover Patrol or Naval Tactics" by H.P.Gibson & Sons Ltd.
Originally released in the 1920s this example is the 1940s version. The game is complete with counters, board and instructions. It is in used condition with some age related wear.

Code: 51042

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Civil Defence Medical Officer Shoulder Title.

Civil Defence Medical Officer Shoulder Title.

Civil Defence "Medical Officer" late wartime printed yellow on blue background shoulder title. In excellent unissued condition.

Code: 51041

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WWII 80th Infantry Division Insignia.

WWII 80th Infantry Division Insignia.

A good used matched pair of wartime 80th Division printed badges. Both have been removed from the uniform they are a little grubby with service wear, a scarce matched pair.
The 80th British Infantry Division was formed in WWII under the command of the Home Forces it had a training and draft finding role.

Code: 51040

68.00 GBP

Engaged On Government Work - J.S Ltd. Lapel Badge.

Engaged On Government Work - J.S Ltd. Lapel Badge.

Engage On Government Work - J.S Ltd, gilt and enamel button hole fixing lapel badge. In good used condition with no damage to enamel with some service wear to the gilt finish.

Code: 51039

48.00 GBP

R.A.F Tortoiseshell Sweetheart Badge.

R.A.F Tortoiseshell Sweetheart Badge.

Excellent quality R.A.F tortoiseshell sweetheart badge, turtle shell convex centre with silver rim and RAF motif.
The brooch is in good used condition with old repair to the pin pivot. (see photos)

Code: 51038

36.00 GBP

WWII R.A.F Officers Side Cap.

WWII R.A.F Officers Side Cap.

WWII R.A.F Officers Side Cap in good used condition with just two small areas of damage see photographs. The cap is fitted with is original two piece brass badge, approx size 7 1/2 and is 1943 dated. A good original cap with service wear.

Code: 51037


R.A.F 138 Squadron Pilots Log Book - 1950s Valiant V-Bomber Suez Campaign Bombing Operations.

R.A.F 138 Squadron Pilots Log Book - 1950s Valiant V-Bomber Suez Campaign Bombing Operations.

Scarce pilots log book to Flt Lt L.B.Brown AFM who took part in the bombing raids during the Suez Campaign in 1956 flying the Valiant V-Bomber the first and only time the Valiant would be used in anger, and apart from the Vulcan's bombing raids during the Falklands Campaign, the only other time for any of the V-Bombers.
The log covers the period October 1956 to July 1959. The logs starts with Flight Check Valiant 402 while based at RAF Wittering on the 30th October 1956 they flew on detachment to Luqa Malta, on the 31st they were ordered to bomb targets Cairo West they were recalled when the prime minister of the time changed his mind! however on the 1st they made a successful bombing raid again on Cairo West, the last raid in the campaign was to bomb Huckstep Barracks again this was successfully carried out, The aircraft returned to RAF Wittering on the 7th November. The remainder of the log records numerous flights on Valiants training flights and exercises. The log is clearly written and has all the correct stamps and signatures. This log is No 5 the other presumable missing his medals were sold a number of years ago by Dix Noonan Webb. This is a ideal base for a research project on his career. Post War logs are difficult to find and sort after, this example having bombing operations makes it particular rare.

Code: 51035

540.00 GBP

"Boots" First Aid Case For A.R.P.

"The Householders First Aid Case for A.R.P" small private purchase first aid kit sold by Boots the Chemist. The card box is in very good clean used condition and slightly smaller than the kit that you usually see for sale measures approx 23x12x5cm with first aid instructions' on the inner cover, still contains some contents with some being original and some later replacements.

Code: 51034