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Women's Junior Air Corps - Side Cap.

Women's Junior Air Corps - Side Cap.

Wartime Women's Junior Air Corps Side Cap. The grey field service cap is in good used condition with some age service wear and a small amount of damage to top (see Photos) , the triangular woven Women's Junior Air Corps badge is in good condition and correctly positioned.

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General Post Office (GPO) Steel Helmet.

General Post Office (GPO) Steel Helmet.

Wartime General Post Office (GPO) Mk.II steel helmet, the helmet retains 90% of its original factory grey paint finish and stencilled to the front of the helmet in cream lettering "GPO". The helmet has a black resin line around 50% of the shell were the helmets have been stored since the war on top of each other, the line is from the other helmet liner. I would imagine this could be removed by careful cleaning if required. Overall a good untouched original helmet with service wear and a few dents and scratches..

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WW2 German Field Telephone.

WW2 German Field Telephone.

Wartime German Field Telephone 33 (Feldfernsprecher 33). A good complete example of the standard field telephone of the German military forces in World War Two. The telephone which is housed in a bakelite case measures approx 28x21x10cm and is 1941 dated complete with the remains of the battery (corroded) and generator crank handle overall condition is good with working latches and some service wear.
The press to talk handset is complete with cable and plug and dated 1939, it also retains the scarce original leather carrying strap which in most cases is missing, and finally a good wartime set of clearly marked headphones. Overall a good complete wartime dated example. The set is not tested so sold for display purposes only.
Due to postal restrictions for sale in UK only.

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WW1 Royal Navy Air Service - Filter Goggles.

WW1 Royal Navy Air Service - Filter Goggles.

Very scarce WW1 R.N.A.S Flying Light Filter Goggle Kit, housed in a custom made wooden case the goggles have a leather face mask with four coloured lenses (Filters) and a green elastic strap, the case holds 16 filters of different colours and instruction book print dated 1917.
It is thought that these were experimental goggles and only a few examples remain, they were to assist with the locating and spotting of enemy ships, submarines etc from the air in varying conditions with the coloured light filters improving visibility.
Condition is excellent taking into account they are over 100 years old, the goggles are in excellent nearly mint condition the strap is complete but lost its elasticity, the 16 spare filters have some slight damage and one is broken could be repaired if required, the instruction book is in sound condition with some foxing and rust bleed from the staples. The wooden case is in very good clean condition.

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Wartime U.S Army Trench Art Perspex Picture Frame.

Wartime U.S Army Trench Art Perspex Picture Frame.

Wartime U.S military trench art Perspex picture frame consisting of a Perspex base and frame supported by 2 x 50 Caliber bullets. The frame is well made and measures approx 22cm base x 18cm in height. The photograph slides into the rear of the frame and pivots on the two bullets. Would make a excellent addition to a WW2 U.S Army / Airforce display.

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Royal Armoured Corps -  Pennant.

Royal Armoured Corps - Pennant.

Scarce Royal Armoured Corps Pennant, measures approx 40x25cm is in very good condition with no damage and retain good bright colouring.

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Wartime "Golden Stream" Coffee Tin.

A wartime period "Golden Stream" Pure Coffee Tin, although the tin is not dated the steel used has the spider web effect which is common in wartime production steel also the use of the two tone printing due to wartime restrictions. The tin is in good condition with just a few small dents.

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Third Reich Period Hitler Youth Members Card.

Third Reich Period Hitler Youth Members Card.

Hitler Youth Membership Card (Mitglieds - Ausweis der Hitler- Jugend) issued in Hurth near Cologne to Peter Mund in 1941. Card is in good condition with good quality uniform photograph of Mund and correct ink issue stamps.

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WW1 "Church Army Hut Day" Charity Flag.

World War One "Church Army Hut Day" Charity Flag. Sold to raise funds to maintain huts and tents supplied by the Church Army. In good clean condition with its original pin.

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World War One

World War One "Peace" Beaker.

World War One Victory beaker produced by Grimwades of Stoke on Trent. In the centre of laurel wreaths, the Prime Minister Lloyd George, Admiral Beatty and Field Marshall Haig captioned - The Triumph of Right over Might A.D 1918. Measures approx 11cm high in good condition with some age wear.

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