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German Wehrmacht Alloy Belt Buckle.

Nice quality used example of Wehrmacht alloy belt buckle. A two piece pressed aluminium buckle in good used condition.

Code: 50534

68.00 GBP

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Royal Air Force Writing Pad.

Royal Air Force Writing Pad produced and sold by the Navy, Army & Air Force Institutes (NAAFI). Full unused pad with RAF crest to each sheet in good condition with some slight colour fade to front cover.

Code: 50532

38.00 GBP

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R.A.F Officers Service Dress Cap.

Wartime R.A.F Officers Service Dress Cap in sound but very well used condition but still retains a good shape. The thick padded material is in a fairly dirty grubby condition the inner lining is also grubby but again sound and complete. The good quality badge and band are in good condition. The leather band is complete on button is missing and the band is sewn to the cap this is an old repair.
Although this cap has seen a lot of use it displays really well and what consider I is an excellent been there shape.

Code: 50528

145.00 GBP

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National Household Dried Skimmed Milk.

National Household dried machine skimmed milk from the USA specially packed for the British Ministry Of Food. Full unopened tin in good condition with small amount of damage to the paper label.

Code: 50530

25.00 GBP

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Brighter Blackout Book - By Howard Thomas.

The "Daily Sketch" War Fund - Brighter Blackout Book By Howard Thomas, published 1939 by George Allen & Unwin Ltd.. 292 page hardback book full of ideas to pass the time during the black out !!. In good clean condition with a little damage to the spine.

Code: 50540

30.00 GBP

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German Labour Record Book and Volunteer Nurse I.D Card.

First Third Reich pattern "Arbeitsbuch" and "Freiwillige Krankenplege - Ausweis Karte" (Labour record book and volunteer nurse identity card) to 15 year old Annelies Mai a housemaid from 1935 to 1939. During which time she completed her six month State Labour service at Camp 12/90 in Westphalia page 32 in the book.
The identity card is an official German Red Cross document identifying her as a non - combattant and wearer of the Red Cross Armband and in the service with the Luftschutz in Herne near Essen as a volunteer nurse. Dated 1/6/40 it bears the signature of the Duke of Coburg (facsimile the headof the DRK. Both items are in good condition.

Code: 50542

48.00 GBP

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Royal Air Force Malaya Identity Pass.

Royal Air Force Malaya pass issued to Cpl N.H Horton 27/11/1941 for entry into RAF Seletar. good condition with clear photograph.

Code: 50539

17.50 GBP

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Deutsches Reich Kennkarte

Deutsches Reich Kennkarte (Civil Identification Card) issued in Kiel 1942 - Refugees Welfare Station Kiel, interesting stamp to rear cover for bunker shelter 10th November 1943. Pass in good used condition with clear photograph and stamps.

Code: 50543

30.00 GBP

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Luftwaffe EM Side Cap Eagle

Luftwaffe enlisted mans side cap eagle, nice original example with service wear, has been removed from side cap causing damage to edge material.

Code: 50536

16.00 GBP

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German Personnel Identity Card For The SHD.

Small German Identity card in good used condition with clear official stamps and signatures.
"Personal -Ausweis" (Personnel - Identity Card) for a member of the SHD - Sicherheits und Hilfs Dienst (Security and Assistance Service) a branch of the German Police in later war years. This I.D was for a 37 year old driver in the SHD medical branch.

Code: 50544

22.00 GBP

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