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"Yank" The U.S Army Weekly.

"Yank" The U.S Army Weekly - November 26th 1944 edition.
A good example of the U.S forces magazine this is a continental edition, 24 page illustrated magazine with Lauren Bacall as the weeks pin up girl.
In good sound used condition.

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"Blighty" Magazine - Bound Volume 1941.

"Blighty" Laughs its Way to Victory - The free paper for our fighting forces.
Bound volume 7th April 1941 to July 12th 1941. 12 editions of the forces paper hardback bound. In good condition, the paper has discoloured as normally found with wartime paper.

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General Service Medal - Cyprus - Royal Signals

Elizabeth II General Service Medal with Cyprus bar to 222652225 Sig R. Batt, Royal Signals. Medal is in good clean original condition.

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"Make Do And Mend" Booklet.

Wartime "Make Do And Mend" booklet prepared for the Board of Trade by the Ministry of Information and published in 1943. 32 page card cover booklet with line illustration in good condition with some foxing.
The booklet was issued as part of the make do and mend campaign to save on raw materials.

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The Stork Wartime Cookery Book.

The Stork Wartime Cookery Book by Susan Croft. Published and issued by The Stork Margarine Company, London. The 64 page card cover illustrated booklet is in good used condition with some slight staining to pages and some small damage to spine around staples.

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Four Log Books to Air Gunner / Pilot Fl/Lt Brown. Bombing Operations On Germany & France, Middle East Operations, Supply Drops Far East.

Four log books to Fl/Lt F.C Brown RAF covering the period April 1940 to 1968 starting his career as air gunner then training as pilot in June 1943. During his time with 24 OTU RAF Honeybourne he took part in 2 operations on Germany during July 1942, Hamburg and Dusseldorf as rear gunner flying Whitley.
April 1941 with 15 OTU based RAF Harwell operation to Le Touquet and Brest France.
With 38 Squadron in the Middle East he completed numerous operations, he also received a telex from the A.O.C which reads - for Sgt Barnes (Pilot) - My heartiest congratulations on the magnificent courage shown by yourself and your crew last evening. the courage shown by you all is in the highest traditions of our service. I trust you will soon be fit and well again.
With 161 Squadron based at RAF Tempsford on the 22nd May 1944 he completed "Opeartions as Detailed" with pilot F/Lt Affleck who had complete a number of agents drop off and pick up, further research required.
With 31 Squadron numerous supply drops to the 14th Army in Burma.
Log 1 - covers the period - 1940 - 1942 - Air Gunner.
Log 2 - cover the period - 1943 - 1945 - Pilot
Logs 3 & 4 - Covers the period 1946 - 1968 Civilian Airline Pilot.
Total RAF Flying Hours Recorded - 1568 Hours.
Log Book 1 - Training begins April 1940 with No 1 A.A.S RAF Manby. July 1940 to April 1941 saw ferrying duties being carried out throughout the UK. 4/10/40 his aircraft crash at Tugwell Farm near Alnwick entry in log reads - Due to poor visibility pilot landed aircraft field near Alnwick, weather cleared 40 minutes and in take off Anson hit boundary hedge and was damaged. Pilot and self uninjured passenger broke leg.
15 OTU RAF Harwell 13th April 1941 _ Operations Le Touquet France . Wellington 1252. 24th April 1941 Operations Brest.
May 1941 transferred to the Middle East with 37 Squadron were he carried a large number of operations.
July 1942 returned to UK and joined 24 OTU RAF Honeybourne on Whitley two operations carried out on Germany 28 / 31 July.
Log Book 2 - June 1943 saw pilot training begin with No19 EFTS. Qualified as pilot November 1943 "Above Average"
January 1944 joined 161 Squadron RAF Tempsford carrying numerous training exercises, May 22nd 1944 "Operations as Details" 161 squadron were engaged in dropping supplies and agents over occupied Europe.
August to October 1944 flying training with No3 Advance Flying Unit.
From December 1944 to the end of the war with 31 Squadron in the Far East flying Dakotas on supply drops to the 14th Army in Burma. Operational hours flown with 31 Squadron 429.20.
Log books 3 & 4 civil aviation covers the period 1946 to 1968 listing hundreds of flights flying civil aircraft for Hunting Aerosurveys Ltd plus other airlines.
All logs are in good used sound condition with all correct stamps and signatures. Good set of interesting log books in need of further research on his career during the war.

Code: 50425


Aircrew Battle Dress Jacket - 1943.

Suits, Aircrew Blouses - Size 6 (Height 5ft 6 Inches, Breast 38/39, Waist 34) Dated 1943, manufactured by Long Brothers. The jacket is in very good used condition with just slight service wear, it is missing two metal buttons, one very small hole to left sleeve. Clear label. Original medal ribbons. Flight - Lieutenant rank insignia.
Overall a good mid war example which displays well.

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Photograph Album - War Office Convoy Egypt 1938

Personal photograph album of the War Office Convoy / Expedition Western Desert August 1938. Approx 140 excellent quality photographs (various sizes from 24x17cm to 9x6cm) showing the convoy in the Western Desert Egypt all photos have notations, areas visited Cairo, El Alamein, Qarat Al Abd, Siwa, Marsa Matruh.
Photos show in great detail military vehicles of the period. Showing the difficulty in crossing the desert in 1930s with the vehicles getting bogged down in the sand. Also gives an insight into the army in the western desert in the the 1930s. The album was compiled by British army officer who is shown in the album but not named, interestingly his vehicle was a 1930s military Austin 18 saloon.
The album is in very good sound condition, the quality and clarity of the photographs is excellent . A most interesting and unusual album.

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Photograph Album Additional Photographs - 50423

Additional photographs for item 50423.

Code: 50424


"Zones Of France" Escape Map.

Single sided silk / rayon "Zones Of France" (second edition) escape map. Map is in excellent condition dated March 1944.

Code: 50430


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