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A.R.P Warden Badge.

Small celluloid and tin pinback A.R.P Warden badge measures approx 25mm dia. The early war badge is in good condition with some slight staining.

Code: 50678

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Silver A.R.P Lapel Badge.

Good used example hallmarked silver A.R.P lapel badge. The button hole fixing badge is in good used condition with just service wear.

Code: 50677

15.00 GBP

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A.R.P Whistle - J. Hudson & Co

A.R.P Whistle maker marked A.R.P J. Hudson & Co Barr St Hockley Birmingham.
The whistle is in good working condition with some service wear.

Code: 50676

20.00 GBP

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Royal Navy Chaplin's Shoulder Board.

Scarce Royal Navy Chaplin shoulder board, in good condition with just some slight damage to the one edge. Good clear maker marked - "Gieves Limited" By appointment to His Majesty The King.

Code: 50675

38.00 GBP

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2 x RAF Wireless Operators Log Books - Full Tour of Ops No 9 Squadron.

Two R.A.F flying log books to Wireless Operato P/O H.J Davis covering the period July 1940 to September 1945, serving with
9 Squadron at RAF Honington during October 1940 to March 1941 were he complete 31 operations on Wellingtons before Joining 24 Squadron at Hendon from August 1941 to July 1945.
Log Book No 1 - covers the period July 1940 to June 1944.
Training commenced 31st July 1940 at 7 B&GS RAF Porthcawl moving to 15 OTU RAF Harwell September 1940. He joined No 9 Squadron at RAF Honington October 1940 flying his first operations to Le Havre on the 5th November 1940 going on to complete a further 30 ops on Wellingtons, most of these ops are just listed as operations in his log so further research would be needed to identify the targets he took part in, at least 2 trips to Berlin, 3 to Dusseldorf were completed. March 1941 after completing his tour of ops moved to 20 OTU RAF Lossiemouth. August 1941 he Joined No 24 Squadron RAF Hendon VIP Transport Squadron were he remained to the end of the war, numerous flights are recorded were it appears he ferried a number of VIPs including Churchill. Further research on the No24 Squadron flights is needed.
Log Book No 2 covers the period August 1944 to September 1945. Continues with numerous flights with 24 Squadron.
The logs are in good used condition with all correct stamps and signatures.
Early bomber command logs are becoming scarce and these excellent logs make a good research project.

Code: 50674


"Castleford Spitfire Fund" Charity Flag.

Scarce "Castleford Spitfire Fund" charity flag, would have been sold during wings for victory week to raise funds for the purchase of the towns Spitfire.
Good used condition.

Code: 50673


WW1 "Our Day" Charity Flag.

World War One "Our Day" Charity Flag, Condition is good for its age and retains its original pin.

Code: 50672

12.00 GBP

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RAF Fighter Ace J. Rankin Attributed Aircraft Recognition Wallet.

Air Ministry Air Publication 1764 (March 1940) Aircraft Recognition Folder attributed to Flying Officer (later air Commodore) James Rankin DSO & Bar DFC & Bar wartime RAF fighter ace.
The folder is in good sound used condition with Rankin ink signature to first page.

Code: 50671


WW2 Royal Artillery Boxed Medal Group.

WW2 Royal Artillery boxed group of medals to L.H Stanley of Cheltenham - 39/45 Star, Africa Star, Italy Star and 39/45 War medal. All medals are in excellent uncleaned condition, the original box of issue is clearly named.
Stanley enlisted in the Royal Artillery in 1941.

Code: 50670

40.00 GBP

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General Service Medal (Elizabeth II) Royal Artillery.

General Service Medal (Elizabeth II) with Cyprus Clasp to 23548089 GNR G.T.Page Royal Artillery.
The medal is in excellent condition and is clearly named.

Code: 50669

75.00 GBP

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