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Wartime R.A.F Oxygen Mask Hose (G / H)

Wartime R.A.F oxygen mask hose and clip suitable for use with the G and H type mask. Stores reference no 6D/526, bayonet fitting type MkIV. Hose a clip are in very good condition.

Code: 50435


WW2 U.S Navy Deck Clock.

WW2 U.S Navy bakelite deck / engine room clock 12758-E, manufactured by Seth Thomas U.S.A. Measures approx 20cm dia - depth 7cm. Metal dial and bakelite case are in good used condition. Clock is in good working order and keeps good time.

Code: 50436

245.00 GBP

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RAF Foot / Bed Warmer.

An unusual and scarce R.A.F item being a 1930/40s ceramic foot / bed warmer. In overall good condition with RAF crest to top, makers mark to rear , retains its original stopper and seal.

Code: 50437

55.00 GBP

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"Bomb Reconnaissance" Armband.

Bomb Reconnaissance Armband, This original wartime armlet has printed black lettering on yellow cotton backing, condition is good and clean with some slight staining.
Armband would have been issued to Civil Defence personnel who had passed the bomb reconnaissance training course.

Code: 50446

130.00 GBP

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R.A.F Cufflinks.

A nice early pair of quality Royal Air Force cufflinks in good used condition, enamel is undamaged. This unusual design of the RAF wings type is possible pre-war and this is the first time we have had this style.

Code: 50447

35.00 GBP

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"The Midnight Watch"

"The Midnight Watch" No12 - Broadsheet Of Britain's Fire Guard And Civil Defence Workers. Large single double sided sheet approx 51x38cm. In good condition has been folded and some slight damage on the folds.
Issued by the ministry of home security for display at Fire Guard posts.

Code: 50445

14.00 GBP

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The Metropolitan Police At War.

The Metropolitan Police At War by H.M Howgrave-Graham. Published 1947 by HMSO. 90 page booklet with black and white photographs. In good sound used condition. Details the part played by the police during the war.

Code: 50441


R.A.F 1923 Sports Award Medal

Royal Air Force Cross Country Association medal for team championship 1923 - 440 yards senior relay race runner up. This quality medal is in excellent uncleaned condition measures approx 45mm dia.

Code: 50449

38.00 GBP

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R.A.F Middle East - Air Operations 1942 - 43.

R.A.F Middle East - The Official Story Of Air Operations, Feb 1942 - Jan 1943. Prepared for the air ministry by the ministry of information, published 1945 by HMSO. 140 page booklet illustrated with black and white photographs. In good clean condition, front cover is loose.

Code: 50443

8.50 GBP

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Hitler Youth Day Badge 1935.

German Hitler Youth day badge Deutsches Jugendfest 1935 (German Youth Festival 1935). Metallic rectangular badge with high relief and pebbled surface in good used condition with slight wear to silver finish.

Code: 50450

22.00 GBP

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